Friday, July 19, 2013

We'll Do It, Someday.

My husband, Matt, lived abroad in college. He spent three months in a small French town taking classes at a local university and weekend trips to Rome and Paris. He left feeling cultured and well-traveled. Which, for a middle-class college student from small town Ohio, he most certainly was.

At 26 years old, I spent two summer weeks in Belgium, France and the Czech Republic with friends. We visited museums and landmarks, picnicked under the Eiffel Tower and danced 'til dawn at a disco club. The credit card debt was worth every penny. And I returned to Ohio with an insatiable itch to see the world. 

Matt and I married two years after my trip. Our travel photos were proudly displayed on each table at our wedding. Since then, we take every opportunity to use precious vacation days to go somewhere new.

Cartagena, Rome, Istanbul. Saying, someday we'll live here or there. Someday we'll live abroad. Learn and use a new language. Raise our children to be citizens of the world.

Our lofty goal comes true this fall.

What an adventure!

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