Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quiet Phase

About a month ago, Matt reached out to a colleague about a job at his company's international headquarters near Zurich, Switzerland. Two weeks ago, he accepted the job. We are now in what I am calling the "Quiet Phase" of our move. We know we're moving, we're working through sharing the news with family and close friends, but it isn't public knowledge. The contract hasn't been signed. Our visas haven't yet come through.

I haven't shared it on facebook.

My boss doesn't know.

Of course, Matt's boss knows, since the move is internal.

We're wading through information and logistics. Matt's new boss wants us to move in November. Between now (July) and then, we must sell a house, two cars and 1,400 square feet worth of stuff - furniture, books, dvds, plants, cups, spoons, mirrors, photos, keepsakes, MEMORIES... The logistics are overwhelming, especially around moving our five-year-old, slightly neurotic dog that is just too big to travel in the plane with me. Breaks at work are full of black-whole Google searches.

"Where to live near Zurich with a dog"
"What to bring when you move to Europe from the US"
"Does IKEA deliver?"

Anywhere that will let you.
Everything you can afford to.

At the end of August, we're heading to Zurich for a long weekend, during which we can explore a few potential towns and villages for our future home. I am excited and nervous to meet the place we'll call home for the next three to seven years (yikes!). Hopefully we'll have a few answers then (and not a million more questions).

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