Saturday, November 23, 2013

Semi-Rational, International Move Stock-Up

In anticipation of leaving America and and all the items we've grown addicted to here, these are the products we stocked up on in fear of paying too much for them or having trouble finding them in Switzerland. I'll be sure to report later on what stuff was actually needed and what was a waste of space.

Matt's size 13 shoes will be downright impossible to find, shoes are pricier in Zurich and I'll take any excuse to go shoe shopping. So far, Matt wisely bought sensible work shoes, athletic shoes and a couple pairs of casual
shoes. I've bought new athletic shoes, three pairs of boots, two pairs of dress heels and two pairs my favorite ballet flats (Me Too Nini flat). I'm going to be walking much more than I'm used to, so I tried to prioritize comfort over fashion. It was tough.
Teva Jordanelle - I can't wait to try these out in snow.
Nine West Turner Boot - not my usual style, but they 
look easy to walk moderate distances in. 
I'll be feeling very '90s in these.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Move to Switzerland

Whenever someone learns about our move abroad, we get a barrage of questions, usually many the same ones. We so appreciate everyone's excitement and interest in our adventure and try to answer each time with as much enthusiasm as the first (second or third!) time we were asked. For those who have been wondering but unable to/haven't yet asked, here are some FAQs about our move to Switzerland.

How long will you be there?
The job Matt has accepted is permanent; there's no specific end date to the contract.
Henry enjoying our deck before moving.
Are you bringing your dog?
Absolutely! Henry is flying over with us. They do not quarantine pets in Zurich. If his paperwork is all done correctly, he'll go through customs and head home with us!

Do you know where you're living? Do you have a place picked out?
Matt's company has provided temporary housing for us in Uster, which is about 20 minutes outside of Zurich by train and one train stop from Matt's office. In January, we'll start looking for a permanent place to move in the spring.

Will you buy or rent?
The housing market is very tight in Switzerland and houses for sale are incredibly expensive. Most people rent and so will we. We're looking forward to a break from home ownership after our first "fixer-upper."