Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Goodbye, to the Sleachmour Starter Home!

Hey! We sold the house! Check that baby off the long list of things we've been seriously stressing over since deciding to move. In fact, the house sold so quickly, that we are now homeless for a little over a month. Our temporary apartment isn't available in Switzerland in December, so we'll be bouncing back and forth between our parents' homes in the mean time. I'm grateful for family close by, but I hope they won't be offended when I say, I'm not so sure about this plan. I think we'll be ready to go, come December. 

In two days the movers come to pack up and ship 90% of our belongings to Switzerland. These items we won't see until we move into our permanent apartment.... in approximately three to four months. Yikes! We will have a small crate to send to our temporary apartment, thank god. For the past two weeks we've been playing a fun game called, How Long Can I Live Without It? One  month? Three to four months? Several years? Forever? Can't possible part with it for a minute? It's a terrible game and I hate it. I just know I will regret donating half of my clothes, especially when they cost three times as much to replace in Switzerland. I'm trying to be zen about owning less. Sometimes it works. But mostly I feel like a toddler kicking and screaming, "Mine!" in the middle of the floor.