Thursday, August 7, 2014

Swiss Discoveries: Cut Your Own Flowers

A few weeks ago, while walking Henry past our local Gemeindehaus (town administrative offices), I noticed a field of flowers in full bloom. Rows were labeled by flower names, photos and a prices per "stiel," (stem). Small box cutters hung from nearby cash boxes along with a comprehensive price list. Putting two and two together, I determined it was a cut your own flower field.
Cut your own flowers.
Gladiolas and Sunflowers

And also this sign.
Selber Schneiden
"selber schneiden" =  "cut yourself"

Price list
Price list

"Kasse" = "Cash Register"
Payment for flowers was on the honor system. I took four gladiolas and two dahlias, and left CHF 7 in the can. Gotta love a place that trusts its neighbors with loose knives and lonely cash boxes. Although this one is cemented to a plastic trash can...

Dahlias and Gladiolas
Flowers in our Swiss home
I've been back twice more for fresh flowers. And now that it's on my radar, I've seen several other "cut your own bouquet" fields while roaming the Swiss countryside, along with similarly unmanned fruit and vegetable stands. Add this discovery to the list of things I love about Switzerland. 

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