Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Animal Friends

It's spring here in Zurich!

No Filter.
Which means Henry and I are spending lots of time outdoors.  The spoiled little doggy gets two walks most days.

We live in the small town of Schwerzenbach, about 11 kilometers or a 15 minute train ride from Zurich's city center. In Switzerland, 12 kilometers is enough to feel like you're in the country. Our small town is surrounded by farmland, walking paths, streams, and more small towns.

Henry and I have a few favorite routes, but sometimes we pick a direction and explore.

On our walks, daily walks, it's quite common for us to come across cows.

And their baby daddies with some mean looking horns.

Horses and ponies.

Ducks, doves, cranes and these little blue and black birdies, which are my favorite. No idea what they're called. 

Welcome to Switzerland, Spring! Henry and I are enjoying you immensely.


  1. The little birds are Magpies. They're my favorite too!

  2. Spring in Zurich looks beautiful!