Monday, January 6, 2014

Celebrating Dreikonigstag in Switzerland - Three Kings Day

Thank you Dimitri and Mamiko for the delicious cake!
On January 6, the twelfth day after Christmas, the Swiss celebrate Dreikoenigstag, Three Kings Day. It is also known as Epiphany in English-language cultures and officially marks the end of the Holiday season.

Dreikoenigstag celebrates the arrival of the Magi at the manger in Bethlehem and the day is celebrated with Dreikoenigskuchen, Three Kings Cake. In the cake is hidden a nut or a small plastic king and whoever finds it is king for the day. They receive a crown and are excused from housework!

Our friends, Dimitri (of Newly Swissed) and Mamiko, brought us our very first Three Kings Cake. Last night we had a mini Dreikoenigstag celebration (while watched the first, two hour episode of Downton Abbey!!!!). I found the king and was crowned for the day. Matt had to do the dinner dishes, ha! The cake reminded me of cinnamon raisin bread and it was delicious. We ate the entire thing. The amazing bread will be the undoing of all my plans to lose weight here. Oops...

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  1. I always knew you were meant to wear a crown ;)