Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Love British Television

Of the 175+ television stations offered through our Swiss cable provider, we (for obvious reasons) gravitate to about a dozen English language channels (several of which are close captioned in German). These include BBC One, Two, Three and Four and ITV. We are really enjoying both the high and low brow shows offered on these stations. The Brits know how to do TV. Here are two of our favorites:

Dinner Date
Dinner Date gives one lucky guy the opportunity to go on a blind date with three women who cook a romantic meal for him in their home. He then chooses one lucky lady to take out on a dinner date she didn't have to cook.

They do switch things up, occasionally letting three men cook for a woman, but so far we've only seen the original concept. Also, the contestants are almost always.... how do I put this delicately.... I can't. They're all old and awkward. Often looking for love a second time around. The British have no qualms about putting anyone on a reality show and it makes for amazing television.

Death Comes to Pemberley
A mini-series adaptation of the PD James novel aired on the BBC last week. It's a novel I enjoyed reading last year and the cast of the BBC production looked promising. It did not disappoint. The best part? They ran the three-part series on three consecutive nights beginning Boxing Day! No waiting a week to find out what happens next! I have no idea when this will air in the US, but I highly recommend.


Commercials are strange on British television. They interrupt your programming less frequently, but when they do, it feels like a longer commercial break (this may or may not be fact; I haven't yet timed it). And the prevalence of tear-jerking, guilt-inducing commercials from global non-profits asking for support is quite surprising. As someone who typically changes the channel as soon as she hears Sarah McLaughlin's Angel begin (Those puppy eyes! I cannot handle the sad puppy eyes!), I hate it.
WSPA wants 23 pounds a month to save donkeys.

Oxfam is dedicated to levitation in the Third World.
We're looking forward to checking out the New Year's Eve TV offerings.... that's right. We've got big plans for tonight that involve TV and fondue. Oh, the joy of being house-bound in a new country with a neurotic dog!

Speaking of guilt-inducing animals..... our dog. The vet put him on puppy prozac yesterday and is confident it will help with his separation anxiety. After three doses, I can tell the poor guy is feeling pretty wonky. I feel terrible about it. The vet said to give it a few weeks before it's fully effective and that we'll only need to keep him on it for a couple months. Fingers-crossed that this is the answer to our problems, and that he starts feeling better as he adjusts. I feel like the worst puppy mom in the world most days. It's tough.

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